You might wonder why I dedicated an entire page to sports and didn't leave it at including it in my "about me" section.

The reason is, sport is such an integral part of my life and the main sport I chose for myself is unfortunately quite unknown, so this serves as an advertising platform as well ;) .


Crossminton is a racket sport invented in 2007 in Berlin, Germany. Apart from some similarity in its name it has nothing to do with badminton. A crossminton court consists of two 5.5mx5.5m squares with 12.8m distance in between (equal to the distance from T-line to T-line on a tennis court) and NO net. These measures are no random numbers but makes two crossminton courts fit on one tennis court. Simply take down the net and start playing.

The racket looks like a squash racket with a shorter handle, the ball called Speeder® resembles a shuttlecock at first glance. At second glance it is smaller, heavier, not made from feathers and the most important feature - it produces a whistling sound when flying.

I stumbled across crossminton in Australia where I spent a year abroad after finishing high school and the sport immediately caught me. When I returned to Germany I searched for the closest sports club offering crossminton and found a great community of crossminton addicts, the Poing Speedfires. Since 2013 we participated in numerous national and international tournaments, were very successful as a team and as single players practising multiple times a week according to the most fundamental rule of having a fun time!

If you want to know more about this great sport visit the following websites:

(Beach) Volleyball

I'm playing volleyball in a mixed team, primarily to have a fun time together and secondarily to play matches and open up a bottle of sparkling wine after a win. As soon as the temperature allows the beach is calling. Beach volleyball is the best full body workout out there, plus sun tan guaranteed.


When beach volleyball season stops skiing season starts. Carving down slopes on cracking cold snow or riding through a powder wonderland - both are for me the embodiment of freedom and happiness.